Mission & Vision



Fabulous Silk was established with a mission to change lives through creation of new opportunities that would effectively, efficiently and positively affect the lives of a large number of people across the state’s. Majority of the population of the state lives below the poverty line. Cottage and household industries have the potential to become an important source of livelihood. In such a scenario Fabulous Silk  provides them not only employment but also an opportunity to rise and grow.

Fabulous Silk opens up new opportunities of employment by utilisation of the available resources. The company pays major attention that the local worker and unprivileged section of the state get maximum benefit through Fabulous Silk.



Employment Generation

Our vision expands towards fulfilling cumulative dreams through creation of sustainable livelihood models based on sericulture, handloom.

Through maximum  utilisation of natural resources and labour  power available in the rural areas of the state’s, Fabulous Silk  aims to provide each hand its value and add to employment and income generation.

The cottage and household industries have potential to become the backbone to the state’s economy and can generate maximum employment with minimum cost ensuring a bright future.

Fabulous Silk  provides support to promote  handloom & Mulberry silk Muga Silk ,Eri Silk Tasar Silk production.